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Look what I just found at the President's Y2K Czar's site (I hate the use of the word czar for these things)



OCTOBER 19-23, 1998 PLANS FOR THE WEEK Federal Agencies will host local events to motivate action on the Y2K computer problem.

During the week of October 19-23, the Small Business Administration (SBA), Department of Commerce (DOC), and Department of Agriculture (USDA) will host hundreds of educational events designed to help managers of small and medium-sized businesses address the Y2K computer problem. The list of participating entities includes:

SBA's 69 district offices, 935 small business development centers, 65 business information centers, 35 women's business information centers, and 18 tribal business information centers; DOC's 400 manufacturing extension partnership offices and the Department's minority business development centers; and USDA's 3,100 county extension offices.

For further information, please call: 1-800-U-ASK-SBA or check out SBA's Y2K site. Small manufacturers can get Y2K help by calling 1-800-MEP-4-MFG.

-- Buddy Y. (, October 01, 1998


This would be the FIRST ANNUAL "National Y2k Action Week."


-- E. Coli (, October 01, 1998.

Anybody wanna bet they can get all those people at all those sites compliant first? Or at all?

I'll read their propaganda, but color me skeptical. SBA, DOE and FEMA are flunking their national conversion process, last I heard.

-- Robert A. Cook, P.E. (Kennesaw, GA) (, October 01, 1998.

I had the same thoughts as Robert when I read this.

I've been to the SBA site, and there is some good info for small businesses there. We'll have to watch this one, Buddy.

-- Mike (, October 01, 1998.

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