What does everyone think of Eldar?

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I collect Eldar and Orks. can some one tell me what they think of either army

-- The happy buzza squig (j.g-b@virgin.net), September 30, 1998


Each kickass in thier own way

-- (stip-e@juno.com), September 30, 1998.

with the new rules coming out....both sides have new advantages and disadvantages.....if a big ork mob wins in combat..the loser is going to find it hard to pass a morale test due to being so heavily outnumbered....and with stikkbommaz mobs you will always fight at the same time...even against tyranids..... as for eldar..ok they may not have the speed advantage anymore ...but they do gain in certain areas....and they are still a totaly ass kicking force......especially with the new wave serpent......(there are no more dreadnoughts now....they are called wraith lords.....wraithguard have melta guns now...2+ to wound a terminator....with no save allowed! not to bad........).

-- darkchild (greyknight@netscape.net), September 30, 1998.

What do I think of Eldar? They are the best army in the game if you can set them up without the use of heavy weapons. If you need heavy weapons you must use the Imperial Guard, who are the best at using heavy weapons. I have been playing Eldar along with Imperal Guard for about 1 year and so far have won over 80% of the games I have played.

-- RUSS (RTV@SPACECST.NET), October 16, 1998.

I myself play Eldar, and I think that they're the best (or the coolest) race around. I don't know what else to say, except that Warp spiders are really great value, and I really love those aspect warriors, + harlequins... I hope you do this great army right, keeping them as proud and prosperous as possible.

-- Christopher (I_dont@have.one), December 13, 1998.

Yeah, I have been playing Eldar for about two years and I can say one thing: they are perfect except their chief leader, AVATAR. I have this guy always in the front line and always he gets killed bye some shitty `eavy weapon and he himself hasn`t killed even a little gratchin. I remember when the weirdboy used the power KOP DIS and kicked my Avatar back and then he was totally massacred with heavy weapons. Conclusion: a good target but I think you can use those 300 points better

-- Martin Rek (tellfiravariel@email.cz), January 07, 1999.

I think Eldar rule cause of there speed and agility. Use falcons to rapidly redeploy your troops. Fire Prisms ROCK!!!

-- Antony Parnell (Lloyd.Parnell@xtra.co.nz), February 05, 1999.

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