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Hi everyone. Here are my notes from today's meeting. Please post to this discussion group if you are unclear about or unhappy with the division of labor.

Kristina Introductory comments, statement of problem ("Why trespass is different"), and discription of interested parties.

Michelle Discussion of legislation and precedent in realspace, and in cyberspace.

Lydia Discussion of notable previous failures of legislation to prosecute hackers/trespassers, and what technologies were used.

Ben Enumeration of all possible current trespasses, and demonstration.

Enoch Side-by-side (with Ben) analogies to real-world situations, with quick analysis of their legal status.

Lauren Analysis of current proposals for cyber-trespass legislation, then lead us in proposing better (?) options.

- Lydia

-- Anonymous, September 29, 1998


Just wanted to note the changes we made at Tuesday's class, to reflect that Michelle and I are teaming up for our sections :)

You can see the presentation page for a more detailed outline of what our work will be like.

-- Anonymous, October 23, 1998

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