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All this talk of new ork modles...

Has any one heard or seen if there are any new IG modles coming up soon?

Will they they be remaking any of the marine or IG tanks?


-- Ben Borkowski (, September 29, 1998

Answers plastic imperial guard are on their way...i have not seen them yet but i am v.reliably informed that they are placo catachans. as for tanks i have seen the new land raider....and v.nice it is as well....a copy of the epic raider....there are some other odds and sods,but not every thing is finalised work is still being done on the armies coming out before the IG. but i think the IG codex will not be out till early/mid next year.......

-- darkchild (, September 30, 1998.

There is a new tank cummin out for them as well, it begins with KING, its gonna be out soon, they its gonna kick butt

-- Jon Yuregir (, January 03, 1999.

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