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I'm interested in a teleconverter to extend the range of my Canon FD 70-210/f4 on my Canon AE-1 Program. I've never used one before, but it seems like a relatively inexpensive way to add some focal length. Any advice on advantages/drawbacks, brands, types, etc?

Seems like the Canon made ones are pretty expensive. Anyone know much about the Tokina, Vivitar, or other brands?

Thanx for any and all advice.

- Bob H

-- Bob Hayden (, September 29, 1998


Check out the camera and lens reviews on the classified page links page. It has the info your looking for.

-- Tom Kessler (, October 08, 1998.

I have the same FD 70-210 and also a Tokina 2x converter (don't know the model No. but it appears to be at least 3 elements/groups). I have not used the converter in 8-10 yrs, mostly because I was so dissatisfied with the image quality. I should caution you that this could be for any number of reasons other than quality of the Tokina:

1) I'm more than a little picky--I also can't abide by the resolution of the 70-210 when used in macro mode. If you are happy with your macro resolution you may also be happy with extender (and you're probably a little less anal than I).

2) I have a bad habit of shooting hand-held at FLs/speeds where I have no business doing so.

3) My tripod at the time was a flimsy piece of....

If we get some decent weather next weekend I will try a few shots w/ this combo and let you know what I find. In the meantime, you might want to consider an older FL lens. Both the 300 and 400 were introduced near the end of the FL run ('69 & 70 respectively) and are reputed to be pretty sharp. Plus, you lose one stop instead of two.

Regards, Bob

-- Bob Sharbaugh (, February 21, 1999.

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