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We are designing a Teams based organization, we want to establish a way to compensate the new role in our organization that is the Team Leader. Now we just have Supervisors and workers whom report direct to him and first of all we are going to complete the crew with a Team Leader equivalent. We like to know different ways to compensate the TL role, I mean, before to thinking in a team reward system, How you compensate the new role ? a percent ? , fix extra bonus ? results bonus ? anyway.. Thanx

-- Gabriel L Pinon (, September 29, 1998


Gabriel, I am currently studying for a masters degree in the uk. My dissertation will be on the issue of team based compensation systems and the reasons behind their slow uptake in the uk. I have been browsing the web today in search of related topics and noticed your bulletin from 1998. I would welcome your comments, views and experiences from the last 12 months and any advice you might be able to give on finding information/feedback by such means as team talk etc.

Many thanks Stewart

-- stewart nicholas (, January 14, 2000.

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