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Maybe one who is much wiser than I can help me make sense of the concept of promissory estoppel. My inquiry comes out of the two articles that we read for tomorrow's (Tuesday) class. As far as I can ascertain, promissory estoppel is an alternate regime to consideration, in determining when a contract is binding. That is where my understanding ends. For example, under what conditions would promissory estoppel deny the existence of a contract? What situations would promissory estoppel lead to a different result than the concept of consideration?? Thanks......

-- Anonymous, September 28, 1998


Next time I think I'll wait until after reading the whole assignment to ask such questions. The concept was made very clear by the subsequent cases and I write to apologize for wasting everyone's time and to prevent people from wasting more time by needlessly responding to my inquiries . . . . Oh much for my first post!!

-- Anonymous, September 28, 1998

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