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Today at the local Tower Records I saw an Aeon Flux box set. It was all three videos, contained in a shiny holographic cardboard case. The label on the box set claimed, "All the Aeon Flux that exists!" or something like that.

The price was reasonable, but I was looking for Operative Terminus by itself, since I have the other two videos. They didn't have it in stock, I asked them to special order it for me.

Just a 'heads up' for anyone who's interested. Does anyone know anything about the box set? Does it come with any booklets or extra goodies?

-- Zach (, September 28, 1998


"The Complete Aeon Flux" boxed set comes with an oval sticker of Aeon's eye holding a housefly in addition to the three individually wrapped videos.

Aeon Flux - monican dominatrix

-- Victor (, September 30, 1998.

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