WHEN did Bernstein get $ for samples?

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Here's a detail-oriented question that wouldn't deserve air time in our big-picture class discussions, but which my mind would love to have cleared up for the sake of sanity if anyone out there might know -- WHEN exactly did Bernstein get paid for the sample suits sent out in August of 1918?

You might notice that in the first Bernstein case, it says the defendant paid for the sample suits on December 9 (6-7 days before the first installment of actual wash suits was sent out), whereas in the second case, it mentions that the payment for the samples was made in September of 1918. As I said before, this obviously has little to do with what this case is really all about (although it might have had some impact on how the court viewed the defendant -- i.e. if they didn't pay until December maybe the plaintiff should have had reason to double-check their intent in purchasing before sending off the first batch of 72 dozen,) but I was just wondering if anyone else may have come out of this with a clearer conception of what the discrepancy meant -- should we interpret this as just a typo, did they re-discover different facts in the second trial, or what?

Thanks in advance for any ideas, Emmeline

-- Anonymous, September 27, 1998

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