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I have made significant additions to the presentation. I don't expect to be adding at the pace I have lately, as my time doesn't allow it.

I've had many sleepless nights of late... Perhaps I will have a separate post on that subject. I have now started taking medication to (hopefully) help me get some much-needed shuteye.

The file is free to anyone who would like a copy, and currently has 118 slides of facts and quotes. It is dynamite, and is ideal for a 2-hour group presentation on Y2K awareness and preparation.

-- Steve Hartsman (, September 27, 1998


122 slides now...

I could continue to make this beast grow, but I think she's done for now. Or, until I get more juicy facts and quotes...

Y2K and this project has obsessed me unlike anything ever has. My focus now must shift to preparations; I'm way past the awareness stage. I've procrastinated too long on preparations, just letting the long to-do list churn away in my belly and my mind. Fortunately, there is still enough time to do what remains...

-- Steve Hartsman (, September 28, 1998.

Steve - Many, many thanks for all your hard work on this. As you say, time now to put it aside and ensure that you've done the equally hard work of preparing. IMHO, personal preparations for water, food, shelter, and medical are "Job 1"; once they're complete (or at least well underway), we're then in a much better position to help others in every way. Something like the "flight attendant's drill": make sure to get the oxygen mask on yourself before you spend lots of energy getting one on someone else. Thanks again!

-- Mac (, September 28, 1998.

125 slides now, and several updates on factual info. I've added Michael Hyatt's powerful conclusion to his book, and inserted it as the final slide:

"Either you can ignore the Year 2000 Problem and go on with lifeor you can begin now taking steps to prepare for what may be the worst disaster our world has experienced in centuries. If you choose the former, you may end up a victim. If you choose the latter, you may ensure that you and your loved ones survive this crisis in one piece. Its up to you."

-- Steve Hartsman (, September 30, 1998.


Thanks for the tremendous amount of hard work and thought you put into this. I went through the whole thing last night, and it is very impressive. Anybody who plans to give a group presentation should get a copy.

-- Dan Hunt (, October 02, 1998.

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