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Hi folks. Ropak in LaMirada sells 6 gal food grade buckets and sealable lids for $2.45/bucket and $.75/lid. But they only sell in minimum lots of 120 buckets and 148 lids. Total cost comes to about $432+ including taxes.

Anyone around here want to go in on a package deal?

Email me if interested. Regards, Brett.

-- Brett (, September 25, 1998


That's a great price! If anyone in Texas knows of a similiar source please e-mail me. Also, anyone interested in sharing an order, please let me know.

How about you E. Coli? I know you are in the area. I'm putting together my own food rather than buy from the prepared food suppliers. Also, I've been given a great local source to purchase wheat and corn from. Here again, if you would like info, just e-mail me.

Texas Terri

-- Terri Symington (, September 25, 1998.

P.S. I just noticed that my e-mail address in the above is incorrect. Please note the correct address if you are interested in wheat @$8.00 per 100lb. or in purchasing food pails.

Texas Terri

-- Terri Symington (, September 25, 1998.

Just an idea for those who can't afford to buy so many buckets- check out Shipley's Donuts. The Shipley's in southeast Texas that I have checked will sell you their 5 lb. buckets including the lid for $1.65 to $2.00 (depends on the store.) They are the buckets that the "creme filling" comes in and are food grade quality.

-- Gayla Dunbar (, September 25, 1998.

Does anyone know of a place in NY to acquire these? Please E-Mail me if you do. Thanks, Bill

-- Bill (, September 26, 1998.

When I worked at Hardee's in the late 70's we sold our pickle buckets with the lid and sealing ring attached for 50 cents each. Other stores just gave them away, but our manager was a real tightwad. Look in your yellow pages for a beekeeper supply co. They have food grade containers in all sizes up to 55 gallon drums. BTW, you might think about keeping bees. I can't think of anyone more popular than the guy who has a source of sugar if supplies were badly disrupted, and I can't think of anyone less likely to be bothered by rude strangers than the guy who has 20-30 hives in his front and side yard. Just be sure to get yourself a strain of bees resistant to mites and such. I kept bees for many years, and they aren't much trouble - they are really wild animals who take care of themselves but can be robbed of excess honey for you!

-- Paul Davis (, October 01, 1998.

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