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My mom lives in the Tampa Bay area, currently under a tropical storm warning (maybe hurricane warning by now). The sum & substance of her preparations was to close the hurricane shutters on her 4th floor condo. My brother, also in the area, is taking Georges far more seriously.

If you can't get someone to prepare for a hurricane that's coming almost right at her, how do you get her to talk Y2K seriously?


-- Larry Kollar (lekollar@nyx.net), September 25, 1998



I wish I had a short pat answer for you, reading your question made me thankful that my mom is trusting son #1's judgement about how serious this issue is, and she is doing what she can. Still, with her living some 1000 miles away, I tend to sicken myself with worry over her well being. I know how you feel.

It is tough to explain how bad things could become, more so to someone who cannot see how the computer has changed the world in unseen ways. Does she remember the depression, or trust any of the TV preachers who seem to be coming around? Keep at it, be gentle, and don't give up.

-- Uncle Deedah (oncebitten@twiceshy.com), September 25, 1998.


Hope your Mom's OK, and by all present news, she is...

But some folks just like to live a bit closer to the edge than do some others. For example:

When Hurricane Fran blew right through here in September 1996, the wind was 95 MPH outside -- against my girlfriend's advice, I went outside for a stroll, and was quickly shown that man can indeed fly without any mechanical assistance.

Won't do that again.

-- John Howard (Greenville, NC) (pcdir@prodigy.net), September 26, 1998.

Hmmm...my mom ALSO lives in that area, and while she was never even REMOTELY interested in my "Y2K talk" as she calls it, talking to her buddies about what they have done for the hurricane prep actually opened a door. I told her that THAT'S why I have been canning, drying, buying wood stove all this time, and offerred to send her some dried stuff for Christmas for her "evacuation box", and she liked that. I know what you mean, too, and Uncle too. I worry myself silly over hoe to help an adult woman who wants to make her own choices.

-- Melissa (financed@forbin.som), September 27, 1998.

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