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I'm thing of buying a Horseman Woodman 4x5. I'd like to know how wide a lens (for example 65mm) that this camera will take. What are the limitmations of this camera? I'd like to do 6 x 12. Please suggest a good lens (and filter?) for doing 80 --> 90 wide angle views.

John (

-- John C. Potter (, September 25, 1998


Since you are doing 6x12 you may have no problems using any 65mm or maybe even the Schneider 58mm Super Angulon XL lens as long as you use no movements or try no verticals. The specs in the B&H bigbook sy that minimum draw is 45mm so you might even get away with the Rodenstock 55mm APO-Grandagon or the Schneider 47mm Super Angulon XL, especially if you use a recessed Technika board.

But if you shoot 4x5 you probably will get the camera base in the bottom of the picture unless you do the indirect and tiltback method only then your movements may be restricted by the bellows flexibility. Horseman generally makes very fine equipment.

-- Ellis (, September 25, 1998.

Hi, I have been the owner of a Woodman and caused a lot of fuss when I returned it to horseman because it did not fulfill its promised(back tilt) movements and features (short focus capabilities), the cameras has been so re-built that I got infact another one and now I am in very friendly terms with mr Yamaguchi from Horseman. Buy only if weight is paramount because the camera is very light but not if tou need something sturdy. Beware of dust in the bellow and buy an undrilled lens panel to protect the inside from dust while no using the camera. Good luck!

-- andrea milano (, November 13, 1998.

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