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I just bought a copy of Michael S. Hyatt's "The Millennium Bug: How to Survive the Coming Chaos". So far, I've only browsed the Table of Contents and skimmed some chapters, but I expect to read it all this weekend. It seems an excellent, non-technical, and practical guide. Based on what I've read so far, I would recommend it as highly as "Time Bomb 2000". Anyone else read it?

-- Steve Hartsman (, September 25, 1998


that is the first thing that I read on y2k! I stayed up all night and then went to my folks and wouldnt quit hounding them until i had made believers of them all!!!!!!

-- madeline (, September 25, 1998.

Have heard his name Steve...and will check out the book too, now that you mention it. Like to hit all the bases.

We need to listen to all credible observers in this matter. It seems that things tend to settle on just a few names, when there are many in the fight. Some names I don't hear much about in Y2K circles, though they're really in there as much as anyone, are people such as Rep. Connie Morella; Alan Simpson; Tony Keyes; Ed Meagher; Joel Willemssen.

-- John Howard (, September 26, 1998.

I just finished the book. I highly recommend it. Some of the info is, of course, already dated, but the facts are solid and the conclusion is powerful:

Either you can ignore the Year 2000 Problem and go on with life as though you haven't read this book, or you can begin now taking steps to prepare for what may be the worst disaster our world has experienced in centuries. If you choose the former, you may end up a victim. If you choose the latter, you may ensure that you and your loved ones survive this crisis in one piece. Its up to you.

-- Steve Hartsman (, September 30, 1998.

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