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I read this today on and thought you all might find it interesting...

>>>>>>>Subject: Anyone heard of these rumours? Date: Sun, 13 Sep 1998

He had several members who had for two weeks been unable tried to reach their dehydrated food distributor because the phone was busy. The leaer drove to the production plant where everyone was in a panic. They had received the largest order in the plant's history. The order was from the White House!

[Candace:] Nick, These aren't rumours! It's the truth! This was posted on our list early in the summer. It was Alpine Foods that got the order from the White House, according to<<<<<<

This from people who won't say anything to the public. I can't believe they are preparing for themselves and not saying anything. (all the while entertaining us with the latest scandel...) Well, that's our government at work..


-- Okum (, September 25, 1998


Seems like a net rumor to me. The White House would not order two truck loads of freeze dried foods under WJC's name and have it shipped to 1600 PA Ave. If they wanted food storage, it would go through the military which already buys tons of MRE's, freeze dried, etc... This "report" should be classified as hype. However, our local fire chief split a years worth of Walton Feed food storage with a friend of ours. Not quite as exciting as the White House, but telling none the less.

-- Bill (, September 25, 1998.

Like the recent fanfare over an electric generator at the Pentagon, you do have to evaluate cautiously any conclusions being drawn, even if it does turn out that this is true. This is worth noting, and seeing if anymore info turns up, but noting more, in my opinion.

-- Joe (, September 25, 1998.

Don't you see? They are only storing food because all this hype about the Year 2000 could cause the shelves to go bare. I can hear the President spinning lies right now...better turn off the TV....

-- Amy Leone (, September 25, 1998.

This is what I don't understand: IF Klinton knows about y2k, and he's fighting to save his political life, then why doesn't he use this subject as a way to divert attention?

He could become the "hero" (gawd...!) that told the nation to Prepare! Is there something wrong with this scenario that I'm not seeing?

-- Okum (, September 25, 1998.

About four weeks ago my husband was looking through the survival sites and came across a food supplier that was claiming to have made the White House sale. He couldn't remember the name of the site. I doubt if the White House had intentions of their purchase being made public.

Texas Terri

-- Terri Symington (, September 25, 1998.

Okum, Do you really think Clinton could be taken seriously about anything ever again? Every thing he says and does will be Wag the Doggish. The only one who has half a chance is Gore, but with the "Cum back Kid" hanging on, Gore doesn't stand a chance till it's too late.

-- Bill (, September 25, 1998.

I hear Matt Drudge is working on a leak regarding a CIA effort to smuggle 1000 Havana cigars in to the White House....

-- John Howard (Greenville, NC) (, September 26, 1998.

AMY- Yeah, you're missing something. Clinton is not "the government". And "The government" would be INSANE to "tell the people to prepare". Do you really think we can look forward to a tidy little announcement from the people on high that our lives are about to fall apart? That would be tantamount to saying: "On your marks, get set, RIOT!"

The closer it gets, the uglier it looks, the less truth we're going to hear from the White House, from Congress, and from the titans of commerce. What possible good would it do the people in power to warn the populace of impending disaster? None. Far smarter, and more likely, is that lots of secret plans will be laid to deal with the situation as it occurs, up to and including martial law if it is necessary.

Don't count on our government to keep us informed.

-- Hester nash (, September 26, 1998.

You would prefer the govt didn't prepare? Seriously, WJC won't need any MRE's. The White House has an enormous shelter, equipped for a long term operation. Congress has its own. I have heard these are really underground palaces, connected by tunnels and even have a private subway! Anyone know any more that this? Still, the folks who expect the US govt to fall from Y2K are blowing smoke. The biggest and most serious Y2K effort in the world belongs to the US military. They may have some failures, but they will be few and far between. And as long as the military holds together, the nation will remain intact, mad as hell maybe, but intact. Don't believe me? Read any history of the Civil War. Or about any number of riots or emergencies when the military was called in to help or get things under control. It may not be fun, but the nation will not fall from chip and computer failures. Not even the worst REALISTIC Y2K scenario predicts that.

-- Paul Davis (, September 28, 1998.

I watched the special that CNN had on about the Cold War. At the very end, in the postscript part of the show, they showed the underground compound that exists beneath the white house/pentagon that was originally built as a bomb shelter for the government and it's officials and their families. Complete with hidden entrances, etc. I am sure that this is still there. Why wouldn't it be? The government is probably re-stocking it now as we speak.

-- Bobbi (, September 28, 1998.

Let me clarify my previous posting about the CNN special on the Cold War. It wasn't at the end, it was at the very beginning of the show. (I just re-ran my tape of the show to verify what I had thought I actually saw). It was a "city-like" warren of rooms and facilities beneath "a U.S. hotel" and the facilities were quoted as being for "members of the U.S. Congress". Just wanted to clarify and not give incorrect information here. The photos they showed (if in fact actual real footage of the actual facility) were depicting an actual small underground city. Medical facilities, big kitchens, and armories full of weaponry, etc. There is no reason to believe that these facilities wouldn't still be in existence.

-- Bobbi (, September 28, 1998.

As far as the underground compounds -- it's documented that there have been underground tunnels beneath the D.C. government complex at least as far back as the Uncivil War; maybe even the Revolution, or War of 1812? for escape routes.

The mini-subway from the Pentagon to the Capitol does exist -- I rode on it once when was about 10 years old, late 1960's. My uncle was a colonel with Army J.A.G., had a Pentagon office, and we went up there sightseeing once. He arranged for us to ride on it. It might connect to the White House too, but I don't remember, was young.

-- John Howard (Greenville, NC) (, September 29, 1998.

The White House has always had a very large supply of food on hand. Most of the current info you are hearing is pure hearsay.

-- White Shack (, October 01, 1998.

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