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To all you nice folks out there,

I just spent an hour surfing aroung trying to find a source for a NEW treadle or hand crank sewing maching. Didn't find anything.

I really think *somebody* out there in the world somewhere is still making NEW things that run without electricity. There is too much of the third world out there needing things for this not to be so.

Yes, I know about Lehmans (sp?) and other catalog stuff. I'm looking for those folks who supply the stuff of everyday life to the third world. Baygens are a good example.

Has anyone here found any companies like this? I'd rather have NET access but would appreciate snail mail info too.

Items of interest to me (other ideas welcome) are: sewing machine, propane freezer or refrigerator, water pumps (some body must make the gearing mechanisms for a pump that you could hook a donkey or horse to), mechanical windup low volume ceiling fans, a good heavy duty hand mixer, hand crank drill press, etc.

All help greatly appreciated.

Neph the Uninformed.

-- Neph the Uninformed (, September 25, 1998


Neph, Lehman's does have an "online" catalog. They sell brand new treadle Singer Sewing Machines with cabinet for $299. They also sell propane refrigerators, etc.

Walton Feed sells baygen radios am/fm/sw for $99, but their delivery time is 3-4 months.

-- Gayla Dunbar (, September 25, 1998.


Beforew you absolutely pull the plug, consider the lowly RV and how it handles the power question, with dual 12VDC/110VAC outlets, refrigerators, and lights.

Some of the refrigerators are actually triple power. . . . 12VDC/110VAC/Propane!!


-- Chuck a Night Driver (, September 25, 1998.

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