"Inside Edition" on Y2K tonight

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Not 100% on this, but in the WCAU-Philadelphia, seen also in the Pocono Mountain area of PA-- "Inside Edition" will have a Y2K segment tonight at 7pm EST. At least that's what I've heard. Tune in if you're in the zone.

-- Sara Nealy (keithn@ptd.net), September 24, 1998


Ooops...it was "Extra". I was unable to see it; did anyone catch it? I imagine it was another superficial report from the promo.

-- Sara Nealy (keithn@ptd.net), September 24, 1998.

No indication of this on the Inside Edition site:

Reviewing the IE stories that _are_ planned for this week - bleh! I guess getting the Y2K word out is good, but having it included in this "tabloid TV" does cast a bit of a pall over it. Ah well.

-- Mac (sneak@lurk.com), September 24, 1998.

It was on extra last night. The story was about a woman who was preparing. I did not catch the beginning. I was impressed by the woman reporter that end the report with a statement that went something like. "This woman (who is preparing) might not be too far from the truth. In so and so's recent book they reported that only 1 in 5 businesses are on track to full remediation." I was just pleased to see the report was not " the kooks are preparing" type of report.


-- Mike (justmike11@yahoo.com), September 25, 1998.

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