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Lately, due to my ever mushrooming worry on Y2K, I have really been having some curious dreams. Nothing like "Toms Take" mind you, but clearly on The Future as we approach 2000. Anyone else? Just wondering....

-- Joe (shar@pei.com), September 24, 1998


Joe, what did you dream? Any parts you care to share?

-- Gayla Dunbar (privacy@please.com), September 24, 1998.

Nothing that would make any sense to anyone other than me. It was more a lot of concern (in my dream) over specific financial accounts -- Y2K was never actually "stated", but I feel was clearly the motivator. Likewise, I have simply seen a trend in my own life of "extra worry" (?) in dreams. I believe that Y2K worries are the unseen, unspoken cause. (But who knows, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. At least that was what Clinton -- ah, I mean, Freud -- said.)

-- Joe (shar@pei.com), September 25, 1998.

I have been dreaming that other members of my family are living with us. I geuss that would qualify it as a nightmare then, wouldn't it!?!

-- madeline (runner@bcpl.net), September 26, 1998.

I'm not too sure just what dreams I'm having; I do know that I often awake, not so much refreshed, as filled with an even greater sense of urgency to *act* and prepare. The dreams I do remember are as bizarre and nonsensical as ever. Sleep well (as I always tell my patients).

-- Tricia the Canuck (jayles@telusplanet.net), September 27, 1998.

Tricia, you said "Patients"-what occupation do you have?

-- madeline (runner@bcpl.net), September 27, 1998.

Madeline, I'm a respiratory therapist who works in a Sleep Disorders Clinic. I guess it's ironic that y2k disturbs my sleep!

-- Tricia the Canuck (jayles@telusplanet.net), September 27, 1998.

Joe, I use to wake feeling refreshed and relaxed. Lately, I feel more tired than when I went to bed. The muscles in my neck are stiff and sore like I've been tense in my sleep. I don't recall actual dreams about y2k. But, I'd have to agree that alot of my dreams have me worrying about things I can not control. All of this started shortly after I became y2k aware. About 2-3 months ago.

-- Gina (gngdecker@ckt.net), September 27, 1998.

I can't say I've had any dreams about Y2K. I rarely remember what/if I dream. Since we began preparation, I've been able to get to sleep with no problem. At first, I would toss and turn, even though I usually go to bed 12:30 or 1:00 AM and get up at 6:30 or 7:00. I knew I had to do something because it isn't natural to DRAG yourself to bed, then lay awake.

-- Mike (gartner@execpc.com), September 27, 1998.

Well, nice to know I'm not alone. I guess we will know when Y2K has hit the mainstream when we see a sleeping pill commercial that goes something like "Mother, I just can't sleep, I'm just so worried about Y2K!" "Here, take this." Next morning: "I feel so well rested and refreshed! Today I finally have the energy to prepare!!"

-- Joe (shar@pei.com), September 28, 1998.

Thanks a LOT, folks. I just had my first Y2K dream last night.

The power was off. Then it was on. Then it was off. Etc.

-- Larry Kollar (lekollar@nyx.net), September 28, 1998.

Well, I am always having some wierd dreams and Y2K last 3-4 years and its weird cause i read western books that are in the 1800's and i dream that when Y2K hits that i will turn out like an old western movie or book and my sister and a go out to hunt and get wood for heat and we also barter a few things its kinda weird i think but also cool because i think it would be cool to live like that. There are 10 people that live on the property and and 4 NEED T.V. and they have to watch there shows all day. While the 5 that live with me dont care about T.V and and cant wait till Y2K and for us to get on with our lives. Morgan

-- Morgan (Y2KFever@aol.com), October 06, 1998.

Tricia, your just the person I need, how do you cure chronic insomnia. I know its a broad question, any simple harmless remedies. I've tried everything.

-- Richard Dale (rdale@figroup.co.uk), October 07, 1998.

Morgan, TV - just get rid of the bl**dy thing. I did some cathartic wrecking of the thing. I was down to about 4 hours a week, then nothing.

-- Richard Dale (rdale@figroup.co.uk), October 07, 1998.

Richard, Good question. If you find the definitive answer, let me know! Judging from the people I've talked to and the reading I've done, learning to relax is the simplest effective treatment for insomnia. I've read several books over the years about relaxation and one of the most useful was called _The Relaxation Response_. Another good method that I use to relax is described in _The Silva Method of Meditation_. It takes practice to learn to turn off your worries, but it's worth it. Best wishes for a good night's sleep!

-- Tricia the Canuck (jayles@telusplanet.net), October 07, 1998.

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