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I sympathize with the situation on 9th St., as I mentioned in the meeting, I go by Jim's house at least twice a day as I weave around the diagional divider at 8th St. to get back to Delaware St.

However, like Lisa, I'm far more concerned with the outlaw/reckless drivers that burn rubber at any opportunity. Even with speed bumps they race down our street. Most of this activity is done by the same few losers who need to be repetedly reported to the police (license plate #, make, model, etc.). Perhap we could bring our lists of worst offenders to each SONA meeting, then forward it to the BPD.

In terms of a neighborhood solution, I do think a cement planters in the middle of each intersection help, possibly adding a stop sign to every intersection and finding someway to limit the entry/exit points to our nieghborhood, along with outlawing semitractor-trailers on residential streets would go along way to enhancing the local quality of life.

I agree with the concept that we need to be willing to make sacrifices such as stoppping for more stop signs in order to discourage the traffic that just passes through our streets. though I don't think having a couple of cars out of hundreds driving a little slower will make much difference.

BTW - Matt, thank you for setting this forum up, (not to mention the SONA web site itself). I have not signed up for the "traffic commitee" primarily because I'm very stressed for time and often these meetings seem to bog down. However, I'm very interested in the issues and if I can find a way to participate without a large commitment of time that would be great. This chat room is an excellent way to start and let people air the concerns and ideas. Thanks!

-- Anonymous, September 23, 1998

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