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Its not that I'm anti-social, but other people in my house don't want it. Thanks. p.s.I live in Maryland

-- madeline (, September 23, 1998


I'm testing something, ignore this.

-- Robert A. Cook, P.E. (Kennesaw, GA) (, September 23, 1998.

Hi Madeline,

To remove yourself from the automatic email notification list, or to modify the email list, do this:

From any accessible thread, go to the bottom (Hint: click once inthe thread text area, then hit the [End] button on the keyboard. {[Home] will send you to top of the thread.}

Select the "contribute an answer to ..." phrase, as if you were going to enter an answer, and enter some text, or a real answer, or a fake answer if you prefer not to use a real answer, or some other text if you don't like those choices. {You will need to enter some form of a email address and an id_label, or the program gives you a nasty msg.}

Select the [Submit] button.

You will go to a automatic page response telling you about others who are getting the email updates.

Stay on that page. Click on the underlined "email alert" phrase.

You will go to a "Add an Alert" page. At the bottom, there is a section to "Edit Previous Alerts" Go there, enter your **REAL** email address. {Enter an alias email here, you're up the creek without an address.} Press the [Submit] button.

You are at an "Edit Alerts" page. It has two columns "current status" and "action". Under the "Current Status" column you should see one or more "Active" frequencies.

For each "active" frequencies, press the "disable" phrase to turn off the automatic update. You should get moved to a "Success" page, telling you what happened. If you have several frequencies active, you will have to repeat the "disable" process.

Push the [refresh] or [Back] button on your browser to see the result (the new list of your frequencies.)

For my final exam, test these steps, tell me if I missed something. (Remember, a teacher tests students to see if the students pass or fail. A trainer tests himself to see if the students can do the task: the trainer gets a passing grade only when the students can do it.)

-- Robert A. Cook, P.E. (Kennesaw, GA) (, September 23, 1998.

Madeline, Robert's explanation was too complicated. :) All you have to do is change that bcpl in your address to bclp. You won't get the mail.

-- Dave (, September 23, 1998.

Boy, are you good, Dave!!!! Not that you aren't Robert! Blondie

-- Blondie Marie (, September 23, 1998.


-- Vic (, September 24, 1998.

When this forum was started I signed on to receive posts on all threads by email. It has now become overwhelming. I have been unable to unsubscribe. When I go where it says to go to unsubscribe it asks for my email address. Then it says to hit return. Can someone tell me what "hit return" means. I am using netscape 4.0.

Joe Stout

-- Joe Stout (, September 24, 1998.

Joe Stout,

Hit return means hit "enter"

-- Buddy Y. (, September 24, 1998.

I'm gonna get slammed for this one does get overwhelming - I can spend 2 hrs reading the posts but when I don't have time - I just hit "delete". No problem. But Robert's right, you can take yourself off the "email alert" list.

-- Melissa (, September 24, 1998.

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