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I was standing in line{a long line} the other day at a national chain store that sells computers,dishwashers,music,movies,etc. The line was very long because the computers were down and everything had to be done by hand.The male cashier was being verbaly abused by the impatient customers ahead of me.(not by me, of course, because I've got y2k savvy-I just panicked and picked up 10 packs of batteries while I was waiting!!!)Finally the cashier snapped,"Get used to it because of the Year 2000!(notice he had to say "Year 2000" instead of y2k? That was because it was obvious these customers had no clue!)He then said that they already knew that they would be closed the first 2 weeks of 2000. Also, the computers and credit card machines where I work have been continualy crashing with no explanation given. ONCE I made the comment about y2k, and my usual even-tempered boss gave me a dirty look and snarled, "This has NOTHING to go with y2k!!!" Hmm...why so sensitive...?

-- madeline (, September 23, 1998


Because the alternative to denial is fear and no one wants to admit to fear. It's too embarrassing, just like crying at work or something.

-- Amy Leone (, September 23, 1998.

Would you name the national chain store please?

-- Steve (, September 24, 1998.

We had a year 2000 credit card crash at Circuit City, a chain that sells computers, tv's, appliances etc. You should have heard the bull they handed us. Today my bank statement came. A note about Y2K in it said, "Please excuse our new bank statement, we must comply with some year 2000 issues." What a mess! I wonder when they will comply? I'm just happy I understand the problem. I have more patience for the inconveniences.

-- Dave (, September 24, 1998.

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