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This isn't a question, but I've recently found some information that I would like to share. If there's another place to better do this, please let me know.

Great American Spice Co. toll free 1-888-74-spice has herbs, spices, gravy and soup bases, things like cheddar cheese powder, sausage seasoning mixes, all at what looks like good prices (1 pound pesto seasoning, $6.75; cream of potato soup, 1 lb. package will make 5 gallons, $5.00; chicken soup base, 1 lb, $3.75).

REI ( sells a water purifier that will do over a liter a minute and takes giardia, cryptosporidia [sp?], bacteria and viruses out of the water for $75.

Pourette Mfg. Co ( / P.O Box 17056, Seattle, WA 98107) has candle and soap making supplies (1 lb pure glycerin soap, $4.75; soap molds, wicking for candles, bees- and regular wax and stearic acid).

Abundant Life Seed Foundation (PO Box 772, Port Townsend, WA 98368) $ 2.00 for a catalog of their product line; they have a couple of booklets on saving seeds, sell open pollinated seeds (including heirloom and rare seeds).

Nichol's Garden Nursery ( a lot of herb seeds in good variety.

Two links to tons of listings for gardening catalogs: and

-- Karen Cook (, September 23, 1998


Kmart and sport stores sell camping equipment (no you don't have to go to a camping store). You can replace your two most important electrical needs - heat and a method of cooking - with the purchase of a kerosene heater and a Coleman cookstove ($46 at kmart). This doesn't have to be expensive or difficult!!!

-- Amy Leone (, September 23, 1998. for seeds that come packed for long term storage. Lots of them.

-- Melissa (, September 24, 1998.

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