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How do we put audio or video on our websites?

-- (, September 22, 1998


I've been talking about making use of Real Media for a while now. Here's an example about it which I think that you might be interested in. I came across this example on a site which is selling a CD about the Australian Internet World 98 CD-ROM.

"Sausage Secrets for Success in Cyberspace Steve Outtrim, CEO and Founder, Sausage Software Ltd.

Sausage Software has been selling its products over the Internet since June 1995 - before was founded and before Netscape went public. Steve Outtrim is one of Australia's high profile Internet pioneers, and he openly shares with us his inside marketing, management, and distribution strategies. He also explains how he has increased sales and conducted free market research for future product development, also how to handle high volume customer support online."

The 45 minute talk is primarily aimed at businesses interested in electronic commerce and selling software or goods online, so I think it will be of interest to subject associations.

If you don't already have the Real Player on your computer, download a copy from and then go to http:// to listen to Steve's talk.

Transcripts of Steve's talk, in a variety of formats, are also available, at http://


-- Peter Batchelor (, October 01, 1998.

Visit the JCSAV PD page at for more info.


-- Peter Batchelor (, September 22, 1998.

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