what did you think of gamesday?

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Ok so gamesday has come and gone...... this was just one of many i have been to..... What did i think? well..........i felt it was not as good as it could have been....both 96' and 97' had better games..and other stuff... ok so this time i did not see quite as much as i would have liked for several resons...but still.... so for anyone else who was there..and saw more than me...let me know what i missed and how good/bad you felt it was........ta.. THE GREYKNIGHT

-- darkchild (greyknight@netscape.net), September 21, 1998


I liked gamesday, mainly because i got to talk to David Gallagher about getting in to the GW art department. But I also got to read the new blood angels codex, and see the new minatures. Though I was really pissed at not being able to get the new 40k, which I thought was a bad move by the management, but it will be out soon so I can't really complain. So I'll see you next year.

-- Dave Pike (rastlinthemage@hotmail.com), September 24, 1998.

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