Powerpoint presentation reaches 100 slide milestone!!

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Well, I've been busy adding quotes and facts to my Powerpoint presentation. It is now 100 slides!! Again, if anyone is interested in receiving a free copy, please e-mail me.

The presentation was written using Office '97, but can be viewed using Version 7.0 also.

-- Steve Hartsman (hartsman@ticon.net), September 21, 1998


Just wanted to let everybody know that Steve's presentation is SUPERB! If you're planning to do any group presentations, or even if you're just looking for a great piece to give to family, friends, or co-workers, you can't go wrong with this one! Great work, Steve! Thanks for your generosity.

-- Faith Weaver (faith-weaver@usa.net), September 24, 1998.

Thanks Faith for the kind words. Humility is not my strong suit, but I don't take much credit for the presentation. A lot of time and research went into it, but all I have done is compiled quotes and facts.

I've added transitional effects and a few more slides... Again, if anyone is interested in "spreading the word", whether it be to a large group or just your know-it-all uncle (I have one of those, too), this might be just the trick.

Again, I welcome any feedback and suggestions.

-- Steve Hartsman (hartsman@ticon.net), September 25, 1998.

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