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Occurs to me, reading all these posts every day with gratitude, that one of the most important things we can do, facing a very uncertain future, is try to get some grounding within ourselves. For some people it will be returning to their childhood faith, or exploring other methods of connection that are more meaningful for them. But connecting with our families is vital. We all know it's easier to communicate with spouses when times are good - don't we all have more fights when times get hard or stressful? Time now, I think, to look at our family relationships - how can we strengthen them? What kind of support can we draw on? I don't want to get through this with my family fed and warm but our relationships shattered.

-- Melissa (financed@forbin.com), September 21, 1998


There are some great books on building relationships out there. One of the best I've read is "The Five Love Languages". I also heard a tape by (?) Irene Cassorla, in which she says to treat everyone as gently as if they were two, because emotionally they are. I know I've gotten along better with my family when I put this advice into action; but of course my biggest challenge is to put what I've read and heard into practice. BTW, I completely agree with your concern, and if TEOTWAWKI comes, we'll all need all the emotional net we can make. All my best wishes.

-- Tricia the Canuck (jayles@telusplanet.net), September 22, 1998.

Like many families, ours has scattered all over the country. We have an annual reunion, but not everyone can always attend. Friends, too, dot the landscape from coast to coast, border to border. Last month, I got out my Christmas card list and have begun writing letters to everyone, remembering enjoyable times we've spent together in the past, telling them what they have contributed to my life. I enclose a page detailing my concernes about y2k and invite them to contact me if they want more information. But primarily, I just wanted to take this time to touch people who have meant a lot over the years. Who knows, in 15 months or less, I may not have an opporunity to tell them, and wouldn't it be sad not to have shared a word of appreciation and love?

-- Faith Weaver (faith-weaver@usa.net), September 25, 1998.

Faith, I think that is awesome! You're a neat lady!

-- Gayla Dunbar (privacy@please.com), September 27, 1998.

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