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I just found out that a Canadian station called Teletoon has started airing adult animation programs like Duckman and MTV's Oddities. Maybe we could petition them to air a few runs of Fon Flux! It's possible they could pick up where YTV left off... also, I was watching Teletoon the other day when I came across a promo for a show called Splat!, a serial that takes a behind-the-scenes look at animation, and they showed a small snippet of Fon mowing down some Breens! Since I haven't seen many of the shorts, I'm not sure which episode it was from, but I found that interesting... maybe they interviewed Chung or something.

-- Spofforth (Spofforth@hotmail.com), September 20, 1998


It would be brillisnt if 'Toon started airing Aeon, but I somehow doubt they'd be ready for it. True they do air some adult stuff (Duckman, The Head, and the occasional adult-oriented Anime film), but nothing really as intense as Aeon (or nearly as cerebral). On the same topic, though, does anyone know if Splat has ever actually done a piece on Aeon Flux?

-- alex (meat_machine@hotmail.com), November 06, 1998.

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