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Sorry, I copied the address incorrectly: If you still can't get in, go the round-about way to: The category is "Too Late" and the subject is called,"This document could save your life. Read it". Gary North gives a summary on it-but see if you can get to "Tom's Take" by clicking on the link address. Hope this helps. Also, instead of squirrel, possum, bear, or beaver- I think the best word would be "burrow"- However, beings that the majority of us on this site have the same concerns in mind{I think} would it be so awfully hard to quit splitting hairs-especially when it is obvious that you underdstood what I meant?

-- madeline (, September 20, 1998


Madeline, I think Mr. Cook was just trying to be funny. I don't think he meant it as criticism or correction.

-- Gayla Dunbar (, September 20, 1998.

A gentle, light-hearted recommendation only:

To continue the "loose" metaphor: Burrowing (by itself) is not as good as buidling a dam and storing food. Both however, get you out from the cold, provided you come equipped with fur.

Burrowing your head in the sand (like an ostrich) won't work. Your bottom is still a nice target for bears.

-- Robert A. Cook, P.E. (Kennesaw, GA) (, September 20, 1998.

Sorry for being so sensitive! I geuss some of the bantering I've witnessed on here made me jump to conclusions. Actually, I do think that a beaver is a much better comparison!! Unfortunately, most of the people that I know fall into the ostrich scenario. When they knock on my door, THAT'S when I'll was it!??

-- madeline (, September 20, 1998.

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