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My Scanner Software (Linocolor) allows me to apply an input profile (the scanner) within my scanning software. Is there a way to apply just an output profile within Postershop (without applying the input Profile). I have tried to specify my scanner profile within Postershop and i get funky results. I assume if im applying it within my scanner s/w and in Postershop, its being applied twice and therefore messing up "color management."

-- Anonymous, September 20, 1998


Input and Output profiles


You should use the scanner profile as your inout ICC profile in PosterShop and disable it in your scanner software. If you can't so that, then let the scanner software apply the profile and then just use the default profiles in PosterShop. If you are applying a profile in your scanner software, it probably converts the image data to sRGB (Standard RGB), which also happens to be the default input profile in PosterShop.

-- Anonymous, September 27, 1998

My scanner is an AGFA Duoscan, I scan into Photoshop 5.02. I believe the file is converted from the Scanner information to my editing workspace (Adobe RGB 1998) as part of color management in the scanner. I believe that when this file is saved as a TIFF and then opened in Postershop, the input profile should be the editing workspace in Photoshop.

Someone please confirm or deny this.

To build the ICC profile of that editing workspace, in Photoshop go to File/Color-Settings/RGB Setup. Pick your colorspace and then Save the colorspace in your System Folder/Preferences/Colorsync Profiles folder with a .icc suffix.

Since I'm not getting my color management with Postershop as good as I was getting with the HP2500CP and the Adobe PS3 driver, I'm not sure my answer above is right. I would love someone to confirm or deny.

Thanks, Dave

-- Anonymous, April 19, 1999

No your working space in PS5 should still be Adobe RGB '98, this is a good color space originally spec'd to Adobe by Barco. Your input profile is used to describe how the scanner is trewating color that it reads from your image. You are best to leave that profile alone unless you can import it into Postershop as the Input profile. You probably will not like the results though. I find that turning off the input profiles in Postershop will render the best results. Setup/Printers/Color tab/ uncheck input profiles.

-- Anonymous, May 07, 1999

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