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The facts are in our face...but beyond our comfort zone. Our government is way out of control and out of line.

YOU MUST READ: Food Supply Update: June 5, 1998 "Seed Terminator and Mega-Merger Threaten Food and Freedom" By Geri Guidetti @

y2k is a non issue to alert the public to prepare for, when their ultimate plan is to limit our food supply and those of us who will be "allowed" to eat it.

Am I way off base or what?

Asked by Texas Terri ( on September 19, 1998.

-- Terri Symington (, September 19, 1998


Way,Way out. The problem with a mega-government conspiracy is that it takes brains, foresight, planning .... balls. None of which can be remotely attributed to our gov. Now Scully, the saucer did takeoff.. right over you.

-- R. D..Herring (, September 19, 1998.


There is only one problem with your reasoning, this is a corporate 'conspiracy' rather than a gub'mint conspiracy. I have heard of this genetic seed issue before, and I am hesitant to completely discount it. Profit is a powerful motivator, and so is keeping your job. For the exact article go to:

As to the assertion that this could get out of control and wipe out all human life, I say "It's about time, I mean really, take a look around you" ;)

-- Uncle Deedah (, September 19, 1998.

Destroyed by design or conspiracy?


Destroyed by ignorance, laziness, "feel good" immorality and the latest "bread and circus" greed and liberal "crusades" from the politcally corrupt national press, national entertainment, and national "un"educators. Probably.

Destroyed by accident and inattention, and internal corruption? Yes.

-- Robert A. Cook, P.E. (Kennesaw, GA) (, September 20, 1998.

As I have said before, we are not a nation of savers, we are a nation of spenders and wasters. This could not have been planned ahead. This problem was created to save space. It's like our local school system not adding enough rooms to the school when they built it. They worry about that when overcrowding sends kids into the halls to use as classrooms. If they had added those extra rooms when the school was built, they would have saved tons of money. But no, they have to have meetings, and school board approval of plans, and then a referendum, which is usually voted down several times ...and then they finally end up building it anyway. AND THEY DO THIS OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!!! Americans plan ahead..I think not!

-- Dave (, September 20, 1998.

To R.D.

Thankyou for presenting yourself as a perfect illustration to my point. It is doubtful that you bothered to read the article by Geri Guidetta or that you have any knowledge of this subject. Like most people who are victims of their own naivete or lack of knowledge and forsight, you are self served by dismissing others as kooks (even when its in your face). If you realized the ramifications of this project, you would be outraged rather than so arrogant.

Besides the fact that a major corp. (which is probably owned by foreign money) will own and controll our food supply, the genetic alterations and cross breeding will lead to serious effects and damage that will probably be irreversible.

I would like to hear comments from some farmers who are knowledgeable on this subject.

Texas Terri

-- Terri Symington (, September 20, 1998.

They have been trying to do this kind of thing for several years now. It is not really a major problem, as I consider that most traditional farmers, esp. in the third world will simply buy other types of seeds. And the free market will certainly be there to supply the seeds. As for the genes 'escaping' to other crops - that is the kind of alarmist BS I have come to expect from any article on any type of genetic altering. The fact is that if genes could be transmitted as easily as that from one species to another we would be growing ears of corn on our elbows.

-- Paul Davis (, September 20, 1998.


Wouldn't we be growing "ears of corn?" :->

-- Mike (, September 20, 1998.

Acres and acres of elbows of corn....the vision is frightening.

Would old men still have hairier ears?

-- Robert A. Cook, P.E. (Kennesaw, GA) (, September 20, 1998.

To Paul

The "transfering of genes" as you call it is called cross pollination. It occurs all the time, particularly in hybrid plants. Hense the need to obtain non-hybrid seeds for anyone who wants to save seeds from their crops to produce future crops from. Seeds that are saved from hybrid plants have a tendency to produce strange other words, you won't get what you think. The problem with patented seeds that produce sterile seeds, is that any cross pollination of other vegetation may result in those plants producing sterile offspring seeds as well. You therefore have another DOMINO EFFECT...which may affect all vegetation that is the result of pollination.

As for farmers buying their seeds from other sources; the quantity that they require in order to produce at current levels is only available through the large seed suppliers, and most of them have been bought out by the mega corporations! Don't believe me...ask around with some of your better nurserymen (particularly those that promote organic farming and gardening) and I'm sure that they can tell you alot more. Just recently, a small but well know seed supplier of heirloom and Non-hybrid seeds was bought out by a large corporation. The bottom line, which is always profit. will result in many heirloom vegetable seeds to be discontinued because of low demand, which in turn will determine the fate of these vegetables and an essential link in our food chain.

This really is serious stuff!

Texas Terri

-- Terri Symington (, September 20, 1998.

P.S. Many third world countries are using these "free market" seed suppliers. Many of these farmers have had complete crop failure because the hybrid seeds they were sold were not compatible with their particular conditions. Vegetation, just like all other life forms go through an evalution that is adaptated to particular uniquenesses. One size does not fit all. By the way, the crop seeds that were sold to these farmers were also dependent upon the pesticides and herbicides that these chemical companies produce. Most of the original seed suppliers are now aqusitions of the major chemical companies, which in turn are subsidiaries of the mega corporations...and which are more and more being controlled by foreign money.

Texas Terri

-- Terri Symington (, September 20, 1998.

Terri- Actually, there has been a lot of "think tanking" going on for decades, by very "revered" groups like the Club of Rome, who have been batting about ideas of "population control". The "Report from Iron Mountain", its existence verified by historian John Kenneth Galbraith, gave some pretty scary suggestions for reducing the population to more "manageable" levels. See "The Creature from Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin. So yes, I do certainly believe that if there wasn't a little manipulation going on, it's absolutely not beyond the realm of possibility to think that it will be capitalized on by people with their own agendas.

And no, Robert - men have to keep the hair in their ears until ewomen solve the old gravity problem. :-)

-- Melissa (, September 20, 1998.

The Report from Iron Mountain - "Highbrow Hoax Mocks National Security Speak"
"It was a classic 'black propaganda' operation -- a 'top secret' document ghostwritten to appear as though it was authored by the enemy -- perpetrated with the skill of a CIA psywar specialist. Yet the grand disinformation effort known as the Report from Iron Mountain was conceived and written not by some veteran covert operative, but by a cabal of crafty leftist intellectuals who sought to turn the logic of the national security state against itself. Though long ago exposed as a hilarious, highbrow parody of think-tank jargon and realpolitik reasoning, the Report continues to be viewed in some quarters as a leaked official document that exposes a secret government scheme to maintain the 'war system' indefinitely. "

-- Max Dixon (Ogden, Ut) (, September 22, 1998.

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