Most of the info I have been reading cites the preparations being done in the US. Does anyone have any information or websites where I can find out info on the Canadian preparations being made and the government and local levels.

-- Hadassah Victor (, September 19, 1998


This is all I have:

-- Mike (, September 19, 1998.

i'm a canuck living in indiana and i regularly lurk on this site. a good site to visit daily is peter de jager's news links at and check out the canadian press. some provinces have y2k info on their webpages. also check out the federal gov't site SOS 2000 at also try the global millennium foundation at that should do for a start.

-- Jocelyne Slough (, September 19, 1998.

oops, i had forgotten the important stuff. you can find canadian y2k user groups at you can also find canadian groups preparing by going to the cassandra project site at and then click on Community Preparedness Groups on the left side. also, the province of bc's site is have fun.

-- Jocelyne Slough (, September 19, 1998.

It took me a while to hunt down a reference, but I did find a mention of B.C.Hydro in the March 16,1998 issue of Alberta Report. They did a cover story about y2k. They quote the y2k coordinator for Trans-Alta Utilities as saying that "It's important not to spread panic, but we should increase awareness and encourage people to be prepared." The B.C.Hydro spokesman stated,"We got going with our program in 1994. In general we're in good shape." There was no mention of hospitals, but they did quote de Jager as saying that he has been contacted by individuals who claim that there are at least 30 different medical devises that will fail. To contact Alberta Report: or 1-800-661-5742 Best wishes in your search for info, please keep us updated.

-- Tricia the Canuck (, September 20, 1998.

The Alberta Government has a Y2K information site under Public Works Supply and service. I don't have the address handy but I have checked it out. Transalta 's site is next to useless when it comes to Y2K in my opinion although they sent out a brief notice that they are working on the problem with our last bill.

My guess is that other provincal and the federal gov't have similiar sites to Alberta's

-- T. Benson (, November 02, 1998.

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