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On Tuesday, 9/22/98, Prescott, AZ (pop 35K) will host a second Y2K meeting. The first was held at the City Council meeting room in July. Over 250 people attended, the room capacity 150. Tuesdays meeting will be held at Yavapai College auditorium, capacity for 1200 people. I'll let you know how many show up. My guess is over 1000.

I would encourage your towns and cities to host "Town Hall Meetings" and invite local utilities, grocers, city officals, bankers, etc... to come and speak and answer questions. If nothing else, the meetings help to raise awareness in the comunity. When pushed a little the utilities will help with the room rental costs.

-- Bill (, September 18, 1998


Tucson is progressing towards strategically preparing for Y2k. This begins with weekly meetings, and educating the local citizens. Channel 13, the CBS afilliate has been providing coverage, limited at best, but atleast the producers are beginning to take Y2k seriously. Good luck in your preparations, perhaps you would like to link up to the site at some point. Check out the Tucson Site. Http://



-- MC Davey (, September 28, 1998.

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