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I bought a used T90 and 300TL Flash. The flash is quite complicated. Any body has any idea where can I find a manual or instructions book for this flash? Appreciate your help.

-- BNW (, September 18, 1998


Check out the Magic Lantern's book-- Canon Classic Cameras. I found it at Borders Book Store. It should tell you what you want. Tom

-- Tom Kessler (, September 18, 1998.

Craig Camera at has an extensive inventory of out-of-print manuals, including both your camera and flash. You might also try an inprint book on Canon Speedlites (Hove Foto Book by Philip Raby, 1995, Complete Canon Speedlites User's Guide). This book includes the T90 and 300TL in its coverage, and has a nice feature of a camera/flash compatibility guide, telling you which features of each Speedlite work with each model of T90 and EOS camera. The information is very basic, but complete, and it may come in handy when you need to purchase flash accessories -- you will find that most of the accessories are still being manufactured, but for EOS-compatible Speedlites.

-- CW Davis (, September 29, 1998.

Check out

-- Hauke (, March 04, 2002.

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