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Wanted to let you all know what great news coverage we have here in NC. A local TV news show announced the other night that they were going to do a piece on Y2K. The only problem was, it got cut short to 1 1/2 MINUTES because of a late breaking piece of film they received. The film: a picture of a great white shark eating a seal. Then again, I guess that could represent the general population's response after they recognize Y2K for what it can be.

-- GS (, September 18, 1998


What!! They pre-empted the Y2K story for a clip on Greg Norman's poor table etiquette. Shame.

-- Craig (, September 18, 1998.


That's just too PERFECT! Should we tell all them folks who don't live here how we only have intelligence in concentrated pockets? i.e. Duke University's here, but we do our best to guarantee that the public schools are in the bottom 3 or 4 nationwide every year LOL

Any state that can produce Charles Kuralt, James Taylor, Doc Watson, Jesse Helms, and Eric Rudolph all in the same century just HAS to do things a bit different --

-- John H. in Greenville (, September 18, 1998.

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