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1) Process and Print / Profiles / Advanced

2) Edit profile 'Linear-Printer '

3) Select a different profile 'From printer'

4) Finish

After these steps the newly selected profile is NOT accepted and we see again the default profile.

Is this a BUG ?

-- Anonymous, September 18, 1998


Remember that what you are selecting here is part of a profile list. (.proflist) This is a list of the profiles selected for a job. If you do not save the list as a default profile list, (Set as Default) you will have to remake these selections for every new PosterShop job you create. (Every new ONX.) The default profile list is the one incorporated into every new .ONX file at the time it is created. After that, the list is maintained within the .ONX file, and is not changed when or if the default is changed.

-- Anonymous, September 21, 1998

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