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When I first played a VCD on my PC, (a Karaoke VCD which has the background music and the singer's voice) I could hear both the music and the singer just like listening to a regular musical CD. But one day I played the same VCD on the same PC, all I could hear just the background music, and the singer's voice disappeared. Can someone tell me what did I do wrong? Or if I've accidentlly changed the setting? I appreciate your help.

-- Scorpion (, September 18, 1998


It sounds like your PC is playing only one audio track. There's two audio tracks on a VCD. One plays on your left speaker, one on your right speaker. For a karaoke VCD, one track has just the background music, the other track has the background + the singer.

So I'd suggest checking (a) your PC volume controls to make sure the balance is in the middle, not all the way to the left or right; (b) that both speakers are working. Also, check for any volume-control or audio options in the software that you use to play VCDs, and make sure that they have both tracks selected.

Good luck!

-- Russil Wvong (, September 22, 1998.

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