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BRIDGES Forum is a demonstration of a Web-based messaging system that we have commandeered for use in conjunction with INET-901 seminar/lecture/Web tour group.

Participants in the INET-901 are all invited to sign in and leave a rief introduction of themselves. Let us know:

Answer this question (post your introduction) by clicking on Contribute an answer at the foot of this page.

-- Anonymous, September 17, 1998


John DeBruyn is a solo practitioner who practices law in Denver, Colorado. John practice involves tax oriented business, estate planning planning and related transactional work. John was a trial attorney at the Tax Division of the Department of Justice and continues to handle tax and estate related disputes.

His on-line activities include legal research, a Web site for his firm and participation in ABA-TAX, LNET-LLC, ABA-PTL and several other email-based discussion groups.

Check out his Web page at As you can deduce the messages left in the forum can handle html if you use html as part of your posting.

We are looking for some beta testers to try out, comment and share their experience on various Web sites, search enginees, list servers and other software that makes the Internet interactive. Take a look at what we have assembled at

  • If you would be willing to help in this way or otherwise assist in the planning or presentation of seminar/lecture/Web tours in INET-901, drop John at note at the address on the next line.

    -- Anonymous, September 17, 1998

  • Live: Canton, Van Zandt County, Texas
    Firm: Sanders & Sanders (I'm the only member of the firm since I lost my Dad. He started this practice in 1944.)
    Practice areas: General, but mostly PI, Probate & EP, Real Estate, Civil and Family.
    Use of Internet:

    -- Anonymous, September 18, 1998

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