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Does anyone know if Canham makes a 2x3 camera, who sells these cameras, and who I could contact for info?

I didn't see this camera in the B&H catalogue, its not advertised in Shutterbug, (I presently am not a subscriber to ViewCamera magazine),and when I tried to get to, the website was not available???

Thank you for your response. Raven

-- Raven Moss (, September 16, 1998


I don't think Canham makes a 2x3 camera. I can't recall seeing one offered in theirs or Wisner's literature. IF this is something your interested in I would call Ron Wisner and ask how much he would charge to build you one. I'd be willing to bet that Canham probably would build you one too. The big question is for "How much?"

-- Michael Wellman (, September 17, 1998.

Hi Raven, Canham does not make a 2x3 (6x9cm) camera that I am aware of, and I talk to keith about once a month. On the other hand I use a Horseman 6x9cm back with my Canham DLC on a regular basis. i really like this combination but I would like very much to get my hands on a reasonably priced slide in roll film holder like the Toyo or Sinar designs.

Have you looked up the Canham DLC review (under Canham metal camera) on this site's frontpage or the Canham DLC thread further down on this Q&A page?

BTW, despite my fervor for the Canham DLC and the Arca Swiss F-Line I am not a dealer, nor am I trying to justify my equipment choices as another poster suggested a while back in a different thread. If these choices didn't work for me I'd make other choices.

-- Ellis (, September 17, 1998.

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