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Hi there VCD Fans!!!

i'am very interested if there is a way to convert a Vcd movie to a AVI or MOV format??

if there is a way to do it, what software would you recommend???

-- Lawrence Ko (, September 16, 1998


As a matter of fact, there is! & its a very simple way of doing. As there are several ways of doing it, I will just tell u how the method which I use.

Things u need: 1) VCD player 2) Video Capture Card 3) Editing Tools( Option)

Procedure ========== 1) connect the VCD player's Video Out to the card's Video IN 2) Play the VCD & use the Software provided to capture the frames 3) It is usually saved as AVI 4) Now, u need to use the editing tools to convert the AVIs into either MOV or MPG

ask me if u have any Question. Anyway, if u r in Singapore, I can do it for u at a low cost


-- K H CHAN (, September 30, 1998.

First get a copy of iFilmEdit and copy the clip to your harddrive in mpeg format, then use Ulead Mpeg Converter to convert it into AVI.

You can download iFilmEdit from

You can download Ulead MPEG Converter from

hope this helps.

-- dogcow (, December 06, 1998.

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