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bad things are happening at armorcast. GW has terminated their license to make modles for them. as of Oct. 1 they will stop production. they will hold a 120 day period when you can still get(possibly) a vehicle or titan from them. but their quanity will be limited and you may not get your order. but from now uuntil Oct. 1st you can order with out worry.

-- Kain (, September 16, 1998


A model maker from airfix has been drafted in apparently........i also hear that workshop now own the company that makes all their plastics....are you getting the same thought as me?

-- darkchild (, September 16, 1998.

Yes GW has bought the plastic company and is probably the first step to complete thier goal which is to infact have plastic with the exception on charactors. (plua then they own the whole market too......)

-- (, September 18, 1998.

Apperently GW dosn't like the large tanks/titans in 40K games. They plan to replace them with "non-games scale display models" (whatever that means).

-- David Pell (, September 21, 1998.

True......and now that Forge world has opened i think they have plans to produce models along the lines of the thunderhawk...... the large scale models and busts are just the start....... I do have to say that for an every day game your average titan is a bit much......but i quite like the idea of trying to take on a stormhammer with loads of foot troops,with tank support makes for an interesting change.......

-- darkchild (, September 21, 1998.


-- kain (, September 22, 1998.

You are incorrect, Greyknight. "and now that Forge world has opened i think they have plans to produce models along the lines of the thunderhawk"

Forge Worlds was cut-off by GW from making 40K models about 2 years ago. They no longer produce models for 40K. Armorcast will no longer do it either. I have a Dactylis made by Forge Worlds. Very nice. Not as good as the Armorcast Bug Vehicles, but still nice.

-- Al'Hafel (, September 22, 1998. is you who is incorrect! are obviosly not up to date with current happenings over here...... forgeworld is the internal GW company (headed by former golden demon winner and former fabricator general Paul Robins)..that is now making such items as.......ork busts...120mm space marines...THE NEW GOLDEN DEMON FIGURE (used for the first time at games day 98') the heinrich kemmler model... the new barbed wire...a 120mm grail knight...sculpted craters..river and road sections...a warhammer keep..40k earthworks.. to name just a few items in production..i suggest you take a cabby at page 80 of white dwarf 226 where you can see the boys at work in forge world in all there glory.............and next time check your facts. THE GREYKNIGHT

-- darkchild (, September 22, 1998.

ouch !-o

-- kain (, September 22, 1998.

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