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I prematurely predicted the demise of TitanicShack with my April 30 post "Last one out turn off the lights". With the end of theatrical showings of "Titanic" and the relatively underwhelming launch of the video and second soundtrack album (a real bomb, both artistically and financially from all reports), it seems that interest is now finally coming to an end. Thanks again, Thomas for maintaining this forum and to all who contributed. My final feelings....

I have no plans to buy the video, having seen the movie nine times. I suspect many others feel the same way, keeping sales below expectations. I also predict that the upcoming Star Wars prequel (next summer) will supplant "Titanic" as the top-grossing movie of all time, putting the final nail in the coffin of this already almost-dead curious cultural phenomenon. Perhaps the interest will be revived in 14 years by the 100 yr anniversary of the sinking or another Titanic-related project, such as a replica ship. But I doubt it.

While this was an interesting diversion for the better part of a year, maybe we should all remember the Princess Di funeral. The death of Diana elicited a similar irrationally overemphasized catharsis in many (myself excluded). The one-year anniversary of Diana's death was in striking contrast to the interest in the event itself. Many "mourners" reported feeling embarrassed by their behavior one year after the event, saying "What was I thinking?" The answer, of course, was: nothing. I asked in a previous post if anyone else considered their intense interest in "Titanic" and the Titanic tragedy a "guilty pleasure". Most said no. I guess I was just thinking ahead a few months. Does anyone still listen to "Candle in the Wind" and weep? Will anyone want to hear MHWGO?

YOU WILL ALL eventually catch up to me in your embarrassment and, hopefully, come to grips with whatever you've been trying to avoid for the past 9 months. Yes, even Michael. To accelerate this process, read the Starr Report.


-- Di Titanic Di (, September 15, 1998


I NEVER wanted to listen to my heart will go on. that celine person annoys me. somebody get her a pizza, for goodness sakes.

-- Kat (, September 15, 1998.

Well Dalton, aren't we just a little ray of sunshine?? =) To tell you the truth, I couldn't have cared less when Diana died. I never even heard that "Candle In The Wind" song.

And I don't think I have anything to be embarrassed about with Titanic because I never went "overboard". Sure I saw it a few times in the theatre and bought the video and soundtracks....but I didn't go nuts. I do not "luv" Leo. I don't think there's any harm in just enjoying a movie. Wouldn't you agree?

-- Allison (, September 15, 1998.

Dear Dalton, I wish you were on the Orginal Titanic or Swiss Air flight or in the car with Princess Diana. The Titanic legend will go on forever as it has since the day the ship sank. The second soundtrack is the highest charting sequel album of all time,so learn your Billboard hot 100 history,man! A real man would give his true E mail address and face the music. I wonder if you are really holed up in some prison or mental hospital. Guy learn to be positive and love life for all of the grand fun things that await those who reach for the sky. I will always cherish my obsession of TITANIC along with my other hobbies I stay devoted and loyal unlike most of our here today gone tomorrow population. I plan on enjoying my trip to LA October 10 for the James Horner concert,another spectacular TITANIC ADVENTURE!

-- MICHAEL PITT (XRRG10B@PRODIGY.COM), September 15, 1998.


-- MICHAEL PITT (XRRG10B@PRODIGY.COM), September 15, 1998.

Dalton, I totally understand what you're saying. My boyfriend would agree whole-heartedly about how stupid it is to become obsessed about a film. But no, I don't think I will ever be embarrassed about my love for this movie, and I have purchased both soundtracks and reserved my copy of the video so I can't see this "addiction" of mine losing steam anytime soon.

-- Emma (, September 15, 1998.


I have never been embarrased by my "obsession" with Titanic. It was a good distraction while my husband was gone last year. I am not ashamed of the fact that I saw the movie 11 times in theaters. I even agree that just about everything that can be talked about has been talked about. However, I have ulterior motives for visiting this site (almost) everyday. I come here to see what my friends have been up to. When we chat, how many times does Titanic actually come up anymore? Not many. I enjoy visiting people with whom I have a common interest. I enjoy hearing about the ship from the experts (Kip, Peter, Thomas, etc.) I appreciate seeing the unbound enthusiasm Michael has, that not so long ago we all had. I even like defending the movie against critics (the aristocracy and their help)

So, no, I don't think I will be embarrased about my time spent here, because I consider it all time well spent with people I enjoy talking to.


FYI: I have read most of the Starr report, too!

-- Misty Chacon (, September 15, 1998.

I share Misty's thoughts. I'm not ashamed to love this movie or Celine's song. I'm increasingly more careful about to whom I express this passion, since some may conclude I'm a (gay) Leoluver, which is untrue. Dan, you are in major denial or just playing devil's advocate, which you do with this persona. Yes, I've outgrown my childhood taste (I can't believe I saw "Grease" 5 times at the theater), but when you're 32 or 36, your taste is fully developed; trust your instincts. Actually, I continue to quote Titanic. It changed me, in every way a man can be changed. I don't even have a picture of it. Just 2 videos, the making of the movie book, 3 or 4 nonfiction Titanic books, a t-shirt (Mom got it at the exhibition as a gift; it just says first class ticket blah Jack&Rose), both soundtracks, another Titanic CD. The movie my memories..and my collection. (You thru barfing yet?) I saw it 14 times too. And if I counted all the times Dan has threatened to leave this site permanently!! He's addicted like the rest of us. I think the video so far is 4th best seller of all time, hello? Correct me if I'm wrong. Allow me to share a conversation I had with a new friend. It was refreshing to hear a stranger say with conviction he loved the movie and explain why. Said it was masterful to have J&R in focus; we cared for them and experienced the disaster with them. Several of us have made this same comment, of course. I added, think how masterful the story really was; we knew from the start that the ship would sink and could predict that Jack would die, but consider the suspense surrounding the sinking, from the iceberg siting to the stern bobbing (go, Bob) in its final moments, and the numerous times Jack could have died before he finally did. Bravo, Cameron.

-- BobG (bob@bob.bob), September 15, 1998.

Yes, it has been a good distraction for me, too. From my dreaded school and immigration.

An occasion to meet people from different corners of this world and make new friends.

An occasion to learn more about history, past generations, ships in general and in detail. I, for one, never knew so many English words for so many different parts of a ship. I don't even know their Romanian translation...

It was also a good opportunity to be emotional when other people were. The same happened when Princess Diana died. I believe these mass emotions were so normal centuries or thousands of years ago. We need them today as we did in the past. We need that catharsys once in a while. It is now through other channels, like media or simply entertainment.

An occasion to know each other and even ourselves better.

An occasion to question and wonder, to ponder and think, to believe or shake past beliefs.

In a nuttshell, an excellent exercise for the brain and heart.

"Buying those tickets to see this movie was the best thing that ever happened to me... 'cause it brought me close to you, guys. And I'm thankful for that."

-- Dan Draghici (, September 15, 1998.

Beautiful, Draghici. I typically forgot to say something: in addition to my 2 copies of the movie, I have all the good documentaries taped. I applaud Cameron for getting so many like myself interested in history.

-- BobG (bob@bob.bob), September 15, 1998.

Personally, Michael, I would have preferred the Oklahoma City federal building or TWA flight 800 (what a trip THAT must have been!). I prefer fire to drowning, as it would be a better preamble to my afterlife. Plus, if I were on the original Titanic, you'd have to mourn MY death (something I'm sure you wouldn't want to do!). But thanks for the suggestion. (hahaha) As for the "Back To Titanic" album being the highest charting soundtrack sequel, could you add any more qualifiers? For example, "The Poseidon Adventure" was the highest grossing capsized ship disaster movie, and "Bridge On The River Kwai" was the greatest movie about burning bridges, with which I'm now REALLY obsessed.

BTW: I do live near, but not in, the Elgin Mental Health Center. My next-door neighbor who works as a psychiatrist there is keeping a close eye on me (hahaha). And I can face ANY music, even rap or yodelling. But please, no more Celine Dion or James Horner! :

Neawah, fawah, wherever you awah I believe thatsch-da heart will go awwww-yon....

Enjoy the concert, Michael. I think I'll go see the CSO instead. Symphony Hall is just moments away from the Navy Pier Imax theater and WORTH the 45 minute drive.

-- Dan Dalton (, September 15, 1998.

A word of caution for all: we will never reach our absolution after falling in love with this movie. We will always be haunted by it. Even Dalton... no matter how hard he will try, "no matter how hopeless" :-)

Bodine: "We never found any potion against this movie..." Old Rose: "Of course not, now would you?... Nobody ever did... myself included..."

So spaketh Zarathustra...

-- Dan Draghici (, September 15, 1998.

Dan Dalton, just when you've admitted your love for this movie (in a George Havestrom thread), you deny it. What motivates you to speak so much more about mperfections/drawbacks than positives? I hope you're doing this JUST to get conversation going. For once, though, I'd like to hear you enumerate the many reasons you must have for LIKING the movie. And if you deny that you do, please explain how you can bear sitting through it as many times as you have. (Yea, same old tired arguement from me) I can guess why you like/love it, but I'd like to hear YOU say it. And elaborate on it, the way you articulately do on many other tangents. BTW, I'm glad you weren't on SwissAir. Now the Air India (years back), that's another matter.

-- BobG (bob@bob.bob), September 15, 1998.

Mr. Dalton...if you are embarrassed by your addiction to this movie, then I suggest you either seek help, or at the least leave this forum and the winterchallenge chat room. You keep coming back like a dog to its own vomit. If you've learned anything from the movie, it is that Rose ultimately did what she wanted to do, which is exactly what all of us will do, so you're inane opinions that we're all a bunch of obsessed losers is falling on deaf ears. I loved this movie. I had problems with this movie. I am inexplicably fixated on it. But who cares? It's something to do, for God's sake. There's no harm in it. If you think there is, then you need to do something about it yourself, instead of pushing off your insecurities on the masses.

And I would also like to say if not for this movie (like so many others have said in response to your post), I never would've been in "the grandest message board in the world drinking champagne with all of you fine people." I have cultivated some wonderful friendships here (BobG, Ems, etc.), and if that's all the good this addiction has brought me, then I still refuse to be embarrassed by it.

Party pooper.

-- Gilded (, September 16, 1998.

Bravo Gilded, I couldn't have said it better myself. At least there's finally an explanation for Dalton's mood swings lately, he sure hasn't been himself. Or what we're all used to anyway.

And may I just say that I fully agree with Gilded on everything she said. True, we may all be obsessed with this movie, but so what? Does it really matter in the grand scheme of things? I have made numerous friends through this site and the Mr Showbiz Titanic room which I never would have met otherwise so I can't speak highly enough of what this fantastic movie has done for me.

-- Emma (, September 16, 1998.

Let me tell you about the last movie I was addicted to:

The year was 1984. I was about to graduate with a useless B.S. degree in LAS (Biology Major). I had recently determined that I would not go to med school (for many other reasons besides grades). My confidence was shot, I had no employment prospects. I decided to see a movie to forget my troubles, not expecting that much since reviews were mixed. But as it turned out, I was fascinated by the premise of this movie. I saw this movie at least a dozen times over the course of the next 2 months. Since it wasn't a big hit like Titanic, I even travelled far to find a theater that was showing it after it was discontinued locally. I began to study the subject (human prehistory, cultural anthropology, etc.) of this movie and eagerly watched for news and reviews about the movie on TV and in the papers, hoping that others saw this movie as the "great masterpiece" I saw. I still have the soundtrack LP from the movie (somewhere).

That movie was : ICEMAN !!!! Does anyone remember it? Have any of you even seen it? Can you see now why I talk of "embarrassment" and "guilty pleasures"?

I guess what I'm saying is that SOME of the people here, who are spending so much time on this subject, are hiding from some recently realized unpleasant truth or disappointment in their lives. I won't go into mine or what I have inferred about others (unless it will help to keep this thread going...) The extent to which this is true for the few people remaining here (with the exception of two who always maintain their cool) can be identified by their vituperative response to this post.

All I'm saying is that it's time to face reality, folks!

-- Dalton (, September 16, 1998.

BTW: I'm assuming that "Gilded" and "Ems", who agrees with "Gilded" that I am "coming back to my own vomit" or "pissing in your Wheaties" or some similarly earthy retort, will no longer wish to respond to this thread lest you be accused of the same. If not, slurp it up!

-- Dalton (, September 16, 1998.

Mr. Dalton,You must be a very sad and lonely person,I feel for you call me on my toll free number and I'll get you some help!

-- michael pitt (, September 16, 1998.

Okay, I no this is going to sound really gay, but what's really wrong Dalton? I understand that you've finally had enough of your "guilty pleasure" but why can't you chat to us about non-Titanic things if that's what you'd like?

Whenever you pop into the Winter Challenge room you post one message and bail again. Are we so bad to talk to? We don't have to talk Titanic if you don't want to. I guess what I'm saying is I just want the "old Dalton" back, I really miss him.

-- Emma (, September 16, 1998.

Dalton, I love you to death, but you need to lighten up. I am afraid for your health, hon. (that is short for honey, in case George is reading.) In my situation, I must admit that I only visit this site while my husband is working. The time we have together is limited, so when we are both home at the same time, we try to spend it together. That is probably my "disappointment" as you called it. There is nothing that can be done about that. My choices are to either watch TV, clean my already clean apartment, or visit with people I find fascinating and enjoyable to be around (even you, Dalton, most of the time!) I choose to visit the people. That is a conscious choice I make that has less to do with Titanic than you think.

-- Misty Chacon (, September 16, 1998.

Okay Dan...we got off on the wrong foot when I first came here. My fault. I have since tried to mend that to no avail. Your fault. And so, I give up. You may bite my lily white ass (sorry all). I've pretty much had enough of your self loathing. Everyone has reassured me you are a sweetheart, truly, but I have yet to see it. Sad. Cuz I really hoped to.

-- Gilded (, September 16, 1998.

What can I say, Gilded. Some people are just predestined not to get along. We were like oil and water. Maybe more like acid and base - our interactions seemed to result in some "salty" language and a little heat. Sorry 'bout that. No hard feelings, and have a good life!

-- Dan Dalton (, September 16, 1998.

Ding! Time out! I figured it out. Gilded, the reason most people here like Dan is that they remember the early days when he wasn't playing devil's advocate (or should I say asshole's advocate), mostly when he was chatting on the Mr. Showbiz site (not the present one). My relationship with him has been a rollercoaster. We met around February on the Mr. Showbiz site. He and Misty and I were chatting, and he was quite the charmer. I forgot about him, and then saw someone by his name on Mr. Showbiz saying Titanic sucked blah blah, so I assumed someone was impersonating him. Eventually I concluded he disliked the film and I started disliking his attitude (how dare anyone dislike Titanic). It took a while for me to realize that we have the common trait of playing devil's advocate, though he is better at it, and I rarely do it with Titanic. Only in the last couple months did I realize he loves the movie very much but is ashamed to admit it. Like my dad and increasingly myself (outside of the virtual world), he expresses himself through sarcasm. Gilded, you're capable of liking him. You gave George more opportunity than this turkey. Haha. Love yall

-- Bob Peacemaker Gregorio (, September 16, 1998.

Hey Dalton,

Although I've never heard of "Iceman", I did a search on Mr Showbiz and they give it 77 out of 100 so it can't be that bad.

-- Emma (, September 17, 1998.

Some of you are way too sweet and kind towards this bitter aging relic,Dalton. His personality reminds me of those nasty Northeastern types who only think of the negative side of everything. We who adore and love Titanic do not need to hear his nonsense. Dalton go go go!

-- michael pitt (, September 17, 1998.


The point is that you have only known Dan Dalton's "better half." He would do anything to keep this conversation going. Had you met him at Mr.Showbiz, you would know his other side, quite real, and at least you would give him the benefit of doubt. "I can assure you it's quite proper." He is just into denial know, unable to explain why he can't divorce from "Titanic." He wants his pre-Titanic life back, but the movie is still encroaching him. So he's angry, desperate etc. But we all know he loves the movie, no matter what he says or the way he reacts. And it's quite impossible to forget this movie, we all know it.

It's like the deal with vampires, they can't touch you until you invite them in your home. Once you do it, you become one of them. Hey, I know these things 'cause I'm from Transylvania... No kidding! But even a vampire would fall for "Titanic." So the point is, don't use silver bullets, sharp sticks etc against vampires. Make them watch "Titanic" and as soon the movie is over, they will be just dust in the wind... Even a vampire would cry at this movie...

-- Dan Draghici (, September 17, 1998.

I will at least admit when I am rude without excuse. My previous post was that. I apologize, Dan. I should know better by now than to reply when I am angry.


-- Gilded Age Junkie (, September 17, 1998.

*SIGH* I understand....somewhat. I've been a tiny bit embarrased by my love for this movie simply because it has become popular for people to tease those who love it. Even though I may have been a bit embarrassed it hasn't stopped me from loving the movie and so I continue in my "guilty pleasure". Even going to the point of being Rose for halloween. Even if I get teased about it I'm not going care because I've had a ball making my outfit! Dan, just keep in mind...there are those out there who are STILL obssesed with the first Star Wars movie's and noone teases THEM anymore so it can't be a BAD thing to like a movie.

-- Miranda Swearingen (, October 03, 1998.

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