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Hi Folks,

New Zealand has a Y2K Task Force. Their report, released today, can be found at:

Do we have any other recent Y2K status reports at national level?

-- Bob Barbour (, September 14, 1998


Yes, for what they're worth check out the UK's Government Depts/Agencies at then click on millenium bomb. The most salient information is the budgets ie comparison of estimates vs expenditure. Updated every quarter. This only includes central government, there is nothing on local gov. here anyway (last time I looked).

-- Richard Dale (, September 15, 1998.

Richard, this doesn't look good! Any comments?

-- Gayla Dunbar (, September 15, 1998.

In answer to Gayle (re 24 bug busters signed up). The whole UK gov. initiative was a bad idea from the start you can't take people off the streets and turn them into experienced COBOL programmers. The scheme was idiotic to say the least. You may just as well have given #1M each to 30 people for them to bug out. That is typical of the Labour Party approach, they are clueless. Tony Blair just has charisma nothing else, unfortunately it is a bad characteristic for a politician. Why do people vote for men (or women) with charisma, why don't they vote on issues.

-- Richard Dale (, September 16, 1998.

Because most issue voters tend to be single-issue voters. They have determined their party by the issue they vote on. Kinda makes you long for the days before the parties took control away from the pols who actually said what they believed in, doesn't it.

-- Paul Davis (, September 19, 1998.

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