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I read in a new hot Y2k site articles on Y2k impact's forecasts.It is a bit scary.Also it has an interesting article on the coming stock market drop possibly this year. Seems like they have more visitors daily.

-- Chris Anderson (, September 14, 1998


Great! Another source of misinformation and speculation!

-- Buddy Y. (, September 16, 1998.

HEY, Buddy, Have you lost the "faith"???

From the site noted above:

Hi, I'm Raymond Kwong. I do seminars on Year 2000 computer crises & on health. I am a former newsletter writer, and a talk show host. My listeners give me a nickname,"The walking encyclopedia. The number of visitors at this exciting site have been really growing! This is almost like a ONE SITE SEE ALL! I try to update this new site daily"

......... With "the real facts on Y2k" ..NO DOUBT!!! cynic

-- cynic (, September 18, 1998.

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