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Could someone point me in the direction of a LF repair shop (for woodies, etc). I've looked through this site and don't see such a resource section, and Lotus appears to be in Austria. I just picked up a beautiful little Toko (looks like a Wista) at the Fort Worth Camera Show, but one of the locking levers on the front swing is missing -- needs a new screw, nylon washer and a black-knobbed lever. If someone sells such parts (many cameras appear to use similars levers), I can drill out the broken screw and replace it myself. Thanks. -- Henry

-- Henry Stanley (HTStanley@prodigy.net), September 14, 1998


Hello again Henry,

I'v had occaision to repair or replace parts on my Wista wood field camera several times and have found that a little old-fashioned ingenuity and a good small-parts machinist can solve 99% of the problems. Your problem sounds as if it could be easily taken care of by a machinist. Custom-made parts usually cost a bit more but they save you the trouble, and mostly, the time of finding a repair shop (many of which would have the parts custom-machined anyway), sending the camera in for an estimate, approving, and then waiting for delivery. Small metal and nylon (Delrin) parts can be easily duplicated by your local machinist and you can probably take care of the larger repairs yourself with basic woodworking skills

I would advise every LF photogragher to take his/her camera apart and put it back together again every now and then just to stay familiar with the beast (kind of like the old army excercise with the rifle). Most field cameras are not too complicated and besides, it's good to know your equipment inside out in case of an emergency in the field or on the road.

Good luck


-- Doremus Scudder (ScudderLandreth@compuserve.com), September 16, 1998.

To help answer my own question, I found a query regarding parts, etc., and these responses, over on the large format news group...

Try: http://www.smallparts.com/catview.html

--- S.K. Grimes -- Feinmechanik ----

In addition to the list above by Steve Grimes, try: Reid Tool Supply Company www.reidtool.com W.M. Berg, Inc. www.wmberg.com

Berg has rack and pinion parts as well as other gears Reid has other fittings, particularly knobs I investigated making my own view camera at one point and I think that between Berg, Reid and Small Parts, you probably will find all the fittings you need. - Rob Rielly --------------------------------------------------------------------

-- Henry Stanley (HTStanley@prodigy.net), September 18, 1998.

Where were you people in need of parts when I tried to make a living making them? I am on to other things now, but if you go to the Networking section of Home Shop Machinist Magazine I would bet you would find some old duffer like me there to make what ever you need and probably at a low price you would be very happy with. Many of the old retired machinists out there have a small lathe and or mill in the garage and would love to make your parts.

Delrin is not Nylon by the way, it is Acetal. They are very different. Nylon is much tougher, stronger, shatter resistant and harder to machine. I love working in acetal (Delrin is a brand name of acetal) but hate working in Nylon (Also a brand name owned by DuPont, but the process to make it is patented so Nylon is also currently a generic material name.).

-- Barry Young (barryjyoung@yahoo.com), December 05, 1998.

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