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My 57 mm f1.4 standard lens does not match my 55 mm f 3.5 macro lens when it comes to sharpness. There are a number of Hexanon lenses that could be considered standard: fifty-some mm f1.2, 1.4, 1.7 and 1.8 lenses, and the 40 mm f1.8.

Comments on the merits of each with respect to sharpness are appreciated.



-- Anonymous, September 14, 1998



Peter: I have used all of the lenses you mentioned except the 1.2 The 40mm f/1.8 is the sharpest of all and may be the sharpest normal lens made by any manufacturer. When you consider the price they usually sell for, they must be one of photography's great bargains. When Konica suspended SLR production many dealers were clearing their stocks of 40s at $29 new. I was fortunate to get several at this price and all have been sharp.

-- Anonymous, September 16, 1998

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