Others ask here for your password to access web8000 user interface to edit Web pages

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Post a message here with an intro for yourself and I will email the password to the Web interface to edit, create and upload pages to the BRIDGES aka web8000 site at tripod.com. Consider this a question and give your into in an answer :) below. I will be notified by email of your message here.

If you came here from another site, you may access web8000 <<< click here.

-- Anonymous, September 13, 1998


Response to Ask for your password here to access web8000 editor

Use the contribute an answer link at the foot of this page to post your introduction and request a password to enter the web8000 area to edit, create and upload pages. Some helpfull hints about editing and creating pages:

1. The pages ending in .html are the html pages displayed to users. The extension .html or .txt is used on the page that is actually displayed to users. You may edit, create and upload pages ending in .html and .txt

2. Use the QuickPage edit utility to edit index.html which is the default page called when users click on the /web8000 directory.

3. Backup copies of these pages are maintained in the same directory as the .html and .txt files. The backup copies are distinguised by an x as a prefix and a 6 digit extension standing for the date that the backup was made. For example, the backup of this page is x1st-view-read-me.80912 The yymmdd format in the backup file's extension is the date that the backup was created.

4. If you edit an existing page don't create a backup. The page backup job is reserved to the user who creates a page.

5. If you create a new .html or .txt page, please COPY it and then rename the copy: insert an x in front as the prefix and use the year-month-day in yymmdd format as the extension instead of .html or .txt.

6. The file you so create and rename will be the backup copy of your handywork. You should periodically after your page has been edited create a new backup and then delete the old backup once you are sure the new one is in place.

-- Anonymous, September 13, 1998

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