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Hi, I play Blood Bowl and am about to start a CHAOS team dedicated to KHORNE. Since I do not play Warhammer (,yet?), I was wondering whether there was any colors I should prefer to use. I can see that bloodletters usually are painted red, but is red the dominant color for Khorne CHAOS armies?

Thanks Michael

-- Michael Zielinski (, September 13, 1998


Yep.....Red is the colour for khorne...he is after all the god of go's the khorne followers chant...BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD...... So go with red and black.....maybie some red gore for extra effect......oh and a bit of bone would look good too....... in the warhammer world most players dont paint khornate troops in any other colour than red (well ....sometimes silver....) unless they have gone mad....if you are starting warhammer..try out a khornate army...they kick quite a lot of arse...i know i have been kicked by them on several occasions...........

-- darkchild (, September 13, 1998.

4 simple colors red, black, green, and gold or bronz

-- (, September 18, 1998.

Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Throne of Khorne! Paint them red(lots of different reds), gold and other dark or shiny or rusty colours. BFTBG

-- Ric the Berzerker Champ (, April 27, 1999.

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