what is tri-lateral commission - will they be usefull in 2000

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i have been programming for 19 yrs on multiple platforms. just saw the big picture jan 1998. started doing research, am very alarmed, taking 2 steps at a time but running out of time.

saw an ad in american survival guide that talks about tri-lateral commission. can anyone give me info on this group? are they there because of y2k? are there other people in montana that know about y2k?

i have convinced some of my family of the problem that will occur, but others can not comprehend. i feel that my neighbors need to know for the simple reason that i won't have to hide my supplies. have tried talking to them, they are not buying. they are good people, i hate to leave them in the cold and dark. am very frustrated at this point.

-- areseejay in montana (areseejay@aol.com), September 11, 1998


almost forgot, Ed mentioned something about programmers being forced or conscripted into the miltitary. have not seen any further info on this. does anybody have any info on this? i have done 4 yrs already, it was much easier the first time than it will be for the next tour.

-- areseejay in mt (areseejay@aol.com), September 11, 1998.

No, the Trilateral Commission predates Y2K by several decades. If memory serves, they're an offshoot from the Council on Foreign Relations. Both are "think tanks" whose members are some of the world's most influential people in economics, politics, media, business, academia, etc. Both are headquartered in NYC and you can even subscribe to the CFR's magazine, "Foreign Affairs". They are also online at www.foreignaffairs.org. I've heard it said that if you want to know what American foreign policy will be next year, read "Foreign Affairs" this year.Because of their obvious influence and their desire to largely remain invisible in terms of public recognition, they are a favorite with conspiracy theorists. It is also interesting to note that outside of conspiracy theorists, most people (if they've heard of them at all) believe these groups do not even *exist*! Now, THAT'S power! Exactly how powerful they are or what their true goals are is not too well known, once again due to their rather secretive nature. I strongly suspect their goal is a one world state, preferably with them at the helm and the rest of us largely unaware that they've even accomplished this. Perhaps they desire this as the only workable solution to the world's problems, particularily with the spread of nuclear weapons. Or, maybe they simply want to rule the world. Either way, the end result is more likely to be global totalitarianism rather than utopia due to the extreme concentration of political, economic, and military power in a rather small number of people. And, as the cliche goes, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Maybe Y2K isn't such a bad thing after all! It's difficult to envision anything that could decentralize power more effectively than a global shutdown of the bureacrats' computers. Unless, of course they've already considered this and plan on picking up the pieces after the rollover...Nah. They're smart but not THAT smart. Or are they? Sorry, I'm ranting again. Now where did I put that Prozac? Ahhhhh, much better.

-- anon (anon@anon.net), September 12, 1998.

Given: the tri-lateral commission will not do anything to feed, clothe or shelter you or your family. Its remotely possible that they may try to expand power/influence after or because of the y2ktroubles, but that still won't help you get through the troubles.

If they do, problems after the troubles (reduced freedom, economic consolidation, socialism, central government (or single world governemt)) would have to be faced then. Don't let the trilat's distract you from prudent and caution now.

-- Robert A. Cook. P.E. (Kennesaw, GA) (cook.r@csaatl.com), September 12, 1998.

Ditto what anon and Robert said about the Trilateral Commission. Have read about them for about 20 years. Tied in with the CFR, the international bankers, the Illuminati, etc. One-world government proponents, so some say. One book I ran across, then lent to a friend in 1982 and never saw again was "The Fourth Reich of the Rich", by Des Griffin. Had almost forgotten about it, but just went and websearched, and there's a website: http://www.midnight-emissary.com/des2.htm

Don't know about all of the conspiracy theories, but it's a sure bet there's a lot more going on behind the closed doors of the rich and powerful than we could ever imagine -- takes no rocket scientist to figure that one out.

-- John Howard (pcdir@prodigy.net), September 13, 1998.

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