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Onyx has introduced a new section on our website dedicated to media profiling. Included on the site are easy-to-read documents with step-by-step instructions on popular profiling topics. These documents include information on:

How to setup your printer options correctly How to calibrate your printer Answers to common linearization questions How media models work and how to make them work for you Tricks and tips on how to create your own media models Advice on how to do the best ink limiting Steps on making ICC profiles that meet your color needs How to get a great GCR when building your own ICC profiles Explanations for Profiler's advanced ICC profiling tools

In addition to the new web pages, we have also started a new web-based discussion forum where you can ask questions and read about the latest user tricks and experience with profiling.

The purposes of these new resources are to introduce you to color management and help you make the most of the powerful color profiling tools in PoterShop. If you are just getting started with profiling medias or just want tricks and tips on how to profile better, then check out these new web pages:

-- Anonymous, September 11, 1998

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