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Here's a question for fellow graphic users: I have noticed that some Speed Graphics (mine for example) enable the lens to tilt upward, but only drop to straight up and down. My old one, which I gave away, let the lens tilt down. Unless I wanted to take a picture of the Sistine Chapel's ceiling, why on earth would I ever use upward tilt? Why are some up, some down? Are they easy to reverse?

-- Erik Ryberg (ryberg@seanet.com), September 11, 1998


If you drop the bed on the SG (or Crown), the backward tilt becomes forward tilt. For some architectural shots, backward tilt is usable (such as the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel :-)

-- Ron Shaw (shaw9@llnl.gov), September 11, 1998.

The reason for the rear ward tilt and rising front on the Graflex was part of the accomodation for short focus lenses. The other part of the equation is the drop bed. Pressing down on the rail supports lets the bed drop about 20 to 30 degrees to get out of the field of view of a short focus lens. The rise and tilt then brings the lens back on center.

For more see the Graflex site:


-- Tony Brent (ajbrent@mich.com), September 11, 1998.

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